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Extend the life of your carpet

Fiber specialist available

Routine deep cleaning is vital to ensure your carpet stays nicer for longer. Normal wear and tear is going to happen, but you can decline helping it along by calling on someone with over 30 years of experience cleaning and maintaining carpets and rugs. Our solvents are odorless and environmentally safe, so you can feel safe about the cleaning process. In addition, regular carpet cleaning is safe for children and pets.

You shouldn't have to live with the ugly patches like stains or torn seams. Let us fix those and other areas of your rug that your pet damaged. Your dog might try to dig out the carpet, which is cute to watch but awful for the carpet. We can patch the hole and remove the pet odors and urine stains. Our Pet Urine Removal Treatments (P.U.R.T.) will get rid of those stubborn stains for you.


An additional benefit to the deodorizing process is that it can help with allergy neutralization. Pet dander can put a strain on any allergy sufferer, and our services will help you with that!

Repairs to fix the little eyesores you can't live with

Carpet Cleaning